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a tool for tracking the changes of values in infoboxes from Wikipedia


After compiling, the .jar can be used with the following parameters

-earlier, -e
      Earliest timestamp (Date in yyyy-MM-dd) to extract
      Default: 2001-01-02
-help, -h
      Print help information and exit
-language, -lang
      Dump Language
      Default: en
-lastchange, -last
      Only last change to an existing triple will be saved
      Default false
-later, -l
      Last timestamp(Date in yyyy-MM-dd) to extract
      Default: Current date
      This parameter is also a possibility to trim the number of loaded revisions. In case it is set to 2015-01-01. The program       loads all revisions from 2001-01-02 until 2015-01-01 excluding. The Wikipedia-Api doesn’t support a trim of the lower       boarder.
-name, -a
      Name of the Article
      Path to the dump containing directory
-threads, -t
      Number of threads to run
      Default: 1
-threadsF, -tf
      Number of parallel processed files
      Default: 1

-name miele -last
-path /src/test/resources/inputde -lang de -earlier 2014-10-09 -later 2016-12-30