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About DBpedia

DBpedia was established around producing a queryable knowledge graph derived from Wikipedia content that’s able to answer questions like “What have Innsbruck and Leipzig in common? (Auer et al. 2007)” A community and consumer network quickly formed around this highly useful data, resulting in a large, well-structured, open knowledge graph that seeded the Linked Open Data Cloud – which is the largest knowledge graph on earth. Further reading can be found here:

About the DBpedia Development Wiki

Since DBpedia’s establishment in 2006, the DBpedia project, published several Terabytes of useful data. DBpedia is an open community project with contributions and extensions from thousands of developers, engineers, companies and scientists, which can proudly call themselves DBpedians for building a great, freely available knowledge graph of steadily improving quality.
This wiki serves as the central point for the community to document and coordinate development on the DBpedia Databus, DBpedia’s data and its applications and services.

The wiki is reserved for technical things. Other places with useful information (not duplicated here) are


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Editing this wiki

In order not to duplicate content in the many community projects, we are transcluding markdown files from the web (mostly GitHub).